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Hello from Gary Neece


    "Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life; it's about what you inspire others to do."

Stuart Graham’s vast sales and marketing career has earned him many strong experiences in leadership and management. Curriculum Vitae is filled with value roles in building and improving company’s business.

His experience is ideal for guiding the growth of Vizions Live. Stuart has highly successful direct sales experience internationally. His background included the important areas of recruiting, training and introducing innovative marketing strategies. He is articulate in all aspects of business whether attracting key talent or embracing leading edge technology. He has designed and applied rewards and loyalty programs to sustain customer growth and retention.

As a professional communicator, Stuart has effectively lead sales fields and board rooms in a variety of industries. We are proud to have him at the helm of this revolutionary company whose growth will help deliver high tech, low cost entertainment and high value individual communications tools in the fast growing, worldwide streaming media industry.

    "In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can."

Kevin Medeiros


Kevin is an entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses in Hawaii and is a natural leader and motivator. Born and raised in Hawaii Kevin is highly respected in the community and is actively involved in charitable activities. Kevin made his first million in his twenties and puts a priority on family, fitness and personal development. Kevin is an innovator in business and understands what it takes, to not only start a business, but to grow a successful business.

Kevin’s businesses have forced him to become competent in sales, marketing, operations and technology. He has created real loyalty with his employees and he is a natural team builder.

    "Serve the Many, For Service to Many Leads to Greatness."
    -Jim Rohn

Christian Rosario

Chief Operating Officer

    "A leader must first learn how to serve."

Fia Poti

Director of Field Training & Support

I am an Entrepreneur/Servant Leader. I believe a leader must first learn how to serve before taking on a role of a leader. A leader with a servant’s heart is a truly invaluable asset, and everyone in a leadership position should seek to adopt this type of mentality. A servant leader works tirelessly to develop his or her people and is focused on what they can do for others.

I come from a large family of ten siblings, which has allowed me to manage and develop strong relational skills. I am married to my lovely wife of nineteen years and have a beautiful teenage daughter.

I am well versed in the banking, mortgage, insurance and of course, network marketing industry. I have managed one of the major banks in the states, and has worked for top insurance companies excelling at every level. I am dedicated from start to finish. I organize my day according to my purpose and I fuel it with my passion.

I am grateful to wake up every day and cherish every moment. My priorities are God, Family and helping others.